On August 1st, 2007, John Goff was pronounced dead. He died in his home in Abilene, Kansas from a severe asthma attack. This was the influential event that caused his best friend Steve Moss to start The Midnight Ghost Train as a eulogy to John. “John’s memory and life had to be remembered in some way.” Moss then moved back to Buffalo, New York planning to form a band and start touring. This was the idea and drive that fueled The Midnight Ghost Train.

As soon as Moss arrived in Buffalo, he began to recruit members for the band. The original lineup consisted of Steve on vocals and guitar, and friends Keith Harry-Carrey on bass, and Jake Levin on drums. They weren’t yet sure on what direction they wanted to take their sound or what genre to ordain to. Moss is a big delta blues fan, so it was inevitable that the music would have strong roots in the blues. It was the hard rock side of their music that was most surprising since there weren’t many heavy band influences.


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Spring 2018



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