Louisville KY’s Stonecutters: Comprised of genuine 502 metal scene veterans, battle tested; past, present and future!

Stonecutters is led by Vocalist/Guitarist Brian Omer a veteran in the Louisville Metal & Hardcore scene. Playing with Louisville natives My Own Victim who issued four albums out on Century Media and did several tours across Europe and United States. From the ashes of MOV Brian Omer put together Stonecutters with 3 other like minded musicians, which illustrates punishing, brutal, beautiful, soothing, and primal music for these uncertain and turbulent times. With influences ranging from Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Death, Neurosis, Motorhead, Sick Of It All & early Metallica; Stonecutters illustrates a mixture of these influences all rolled up into a very unique format.

Having issued 2 self released full length albums, the self titled “Stonecutters” in 2006 and “Christhammer” in 2009, Stonecutters have played many shows throughout their home state of Kentucky, as well as Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, Georgia, Kansas, Arkansas, West Virginia & Tennessee. Some of these shows have been opening up for national acts such as Anthrax, Gwar, Testament, Obituary, Unleashed, Mastodon, Eyehategod, Machine Head, Death Angel and Black Label Society, just to name a few. Both releases have received praises from Decibel Magazine, Metal Maniacs, & several underground zines and radio.

Now in 2013 Stonecutters has issued their 3rd full length Album “Creatio Ex Nihil” to the masses. Displaying the same characteristics as their previous releases but more focused & far tighter, with a massive production. Displaying very strong musicianship & intense lead guitars, “Creatio Ex Nihil” offers something for everyone in these uncertain and turbulent times.


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United States/Canada